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Since the Resolution Pro product was first developed and released to the financial world in 2002 there have been several iterations of Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office. For some time the development team at Hedgebook Ltd (formerly Resolution Financial Software) has been working hard to ensure that the Resolution Pro derivative pricing and valuation Excel addin remains at the forefront of the complex end of the financial product spectrum. The compatibility bugs of Resolution Pro with more recent versions of Windows and MS Office have been addressed and resolved, while the look and feel of the product has also been aligned with the latest versions of Excel. So what has changed?

-          Compatible with all versions of Excel (2002 or newer). The Resolution Pro installer automatically detects what the latest version of Excel installed on your computer is and installs the appropriate versions of the files.

-          Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

-          The installer automatically registers the addin with Excel. If you create a new workbook from a template, save it and open it up later all the combo-boxes will be filled with the correct dropdowns and all the functions will calculate without having to re-initiate the addin. The Ribbon or Menu Bar will always be available. This can be manually disabled if the user prefers.

-          The time to load the addin is quicker.

-          We have simplified the shopping cart options when a new user has trialled Resolution Pro and is ready to purchase. More tailored options can be accommodated - simply get in touch at Purchase is made via the Licensing button on the Resolution Pro Excel ribbon/menu after downloading the product.

-          Payment for the Resolution Pro license can now be made on line through a Paypal account or with a credit card via Paypal, simplifying and speeding up the process to put the power of Resolution Pro into users' hands.

Existing licensed users should contact us via email to obtain new license/activation codes to replace old ones. Note that if you have custom templates that have been previously created, you will have to update the links: Data Ribbon->Edit Links->Change Source and point it to Resolution.xlam. Furthermore, it is recommended that old versions of Resolution should be uninstalled before installing the new version as side by side installs can be problematic.

What hasn't changed within Resolution Pro is the ease of use and the accuracy of the functions and templates that allow users to intuitively value, stress and model a vast library of derivative products. Whether using one of the 84 pre-designed templates or embedding the functions into users' own spreadsheets and models, the product continues to offer the flexibility to cater to any user requirement. Furthermore, Resolution Pro is fully supported by in depth help files which are just a click away.



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