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Help System

Resolution products are extensively documented, with help readily available for all functions. In most cases, the help includes an explanation of the theory behind the pricing approach, as well as more specify information about how to enter the function in Excel.

1If you need general information or you're not sure where to look for something specific, the Resolution help file is available from the Resolution menu within Excel.

2 When using Excel's Function Wizard to insert or edit a function, help is available for all Resolution functions by clicking on the 'Help on this function" link.

3 In the Resolution Function Database, along with a short description of the purpose of each function, you will find a link that will open the help file for that function.

The Function Arguments Dialog, is a standard part of Excel. You can use it to interact with Resolution's funtions The Resolution Function Database provides easy access to help on all the functions From Excel's Function Wizard you can gain access to help for Resolution's functions, in the same way you do for Excel's built-in functions The help system can be accessed directly from the Resolution menu
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