Resolution - the authority on derivative pricing Resolution - specialising in providing pricing and risk analytics for financial securities

ResolutionPro is a financial analytics library for Excel that can be used to calculate MTM and risk. Free trial available.

Calculate valuations and risk characteristics for all commonly traded financial instruments including:

  • Interest Rate Swap Pricing - Zero curve construction & swap valuation

  • Options - Currency options, Equity options, Commodity options

  • Bond Pricing - Government & corporate bonds, and FRNs 

  • IRO Pricing - Interest rate options, Swaptions, Caps, Floors

  • Exotic Options - Exotic options pricing

  • Utilities - Accrual and Data calculation, Probability & Statistics, and Rates & Discount Factors

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  How can Resolution help?

  • Quick and easy derivative pricing
  • Perform independent valuation for trade and risk management
  • Hedge accounting for IAS 39 / FAS 133
  • Incorporate derivative models into your existing systems
  • Speed up & assist with model validation of other systems
  • Run complex scenario analysis easily with Resolution's built-in Sensitivity Tool
  • Apply industry-standard pricing methodologies to an extensive range of instruments
  • Verify market prices

    Free trial download

Download the complete suite of Resolution Pro's analytics library for a ten day trial period now. When ready, purchase can be made at any time through the Licensing function accessed through the Resolution Pro Excel ribbon.

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