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Fixed Income Pricing Models

ResolutionBonds provides valuation and risk management for a wide range of debt securities, including at least 20 sovereign issues, discount securities, floating rate notes, and money market instruments. With a full suite of fixed income pricing models Resolution can perform calculations on a wide range of corporate and government bonds.

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Main Features

  • Corporate and Government bonds
  • Exact or equal coupon payments
  • Amortizing and accreting face values
  • Equivalent yield calculations for all bond types
  • A number of valuation approaches for standard Floating Rate Notes (FRN’s)
  • Full set of risk measures
  • Shipped with a set of useful Excel® templates that provide examples of how the functions should be implemented

Bond Functionality

Each of the sovereign bonds, as well as the generic bonds, has 4 associated functions. These are the Price, Yield, Equivalent Yield, and Cash Flow Map functions.

Bond Calculations:

  • Bond yields
  • Accrued Interest
  • Clean Price
  • Dirty Price
  • Bond cashflows
  • Macaulay Duration
  • Modified Duration
  • Convexity
  • Price Value of a Basis Point
  • Equivalent Yield

Sovereign Government Bonds

The Bond Pricing component provides coverage of 20 sovereign government bonds, together with generic bond functions that allow users to determine a bond's price, yield, equivalent yields, and cash flow map with any combination of the various pricing conventions. The bond markets covered in this development are the same as those included in the JP Morgan Government Bond Index, and comprise the following countries (and bond series):

Country Bond Type
Australia (AU) CGB's
Austria (AT) Bunds
Belgium (BE) OLO's
Canada (CA) CAD's
Denmark (DK) DGB's
Finland (FI) Markkas
France (FR) OAT's
Germany (DE) Bunds
Ireland (IE) IGB's
Italy (IT)  BTPs
Japan (JP) JGB's
Netherlands (NL) DSL's
New Zealand (NZ) NZG's
Portugal (PT) OT's
South Africa (ZA) Gilts
Spain (ES) Bonos
Sweden (SE) Statssobligations
Switzerland (CH) SGB's
United Kingdom (GB) Gilts
United States (US) T-Bonds

The two-letter alphabetic country codes are based on an international standard and are sourced from, the "Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries (ISO 3166-1993 (E)), American National Standards Institute, Inc".


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With ResolutionBonds you are able to;

  • determine fair value and risk assessments for all types of fixed and floating instruments
  • Mark-to-market entire portfolios effortlessly by updating market yields and valuation dates
  • Establish cash flow projections for the outstanding life of all bonds within a portfolio
  • Price callable bonds
  • Value related financial derivatives


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